Plants, murder, medicine and magic

I have well and truly eaten enough brioche buns to sink a ship me thinks, but I now am well and truly satisfied until my next food craving……what that may be is something that is left till tomorrow to decide upon.

All that bun eating has given me lots of motivation for walking, and thanks to Sydney’s on and off light drizzles the mushrooms in the park have been having a field day. I took so many fungi photos and great foliage shots for my new piece that I have all the inspiration I need now. One of the prettiest mushrooms I came across were a little cluster of ruby red bonnets, they were just darling and looked like fairy umbrellas.


The contrast of the ruby red mushroom and the grey bark make such a gorgeous colour contrast that I’m almost tempted to do a straight painting of this photo alone. But after this drawing I will seriously have to leave mushrooms alone for awhile as I don’t want them to take a hold ad become some odd obsession. I feel that my interest in fungi began when I was back in university studying fine arts and part of the course was to pick up some “electives” other than Art. I chose an elective called “Plants, murder, medicine and magic”. I was totally sold on the title as it sounded so exciting and seductive and got introduced to the world of plants and most importantly fungi and their purposes throughout the ages. I wasn’t too good with the botanical names as scientific long words interest me very little.





So as you can see, the park was thriving with fungi and all of these mushrooms were found within 50 metres of each other. I really do love gathering images for my Art as it’s such an integral part of the process and I truly believe that what I find or capture on film is what I’m meant to incorporate. This is the first time I have ever really seen mushrooms at my local park but then again I was looking out for them as I was wanting to draw them. The universe is such an amazing place which has everything we need just at the right time.




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